Soja Features

Hassle-Free Visitor Registration and Check in

SOJA is an innovative digital platform for registration and management of your visitors and staff. Soja leverages on suites of cutting-edge technologies to accurately capture, verify, record and securely store your data.

Visitors Management

Residents Management



Mobile App

Soja App is integrated with automatic document scanning technology that leverages the phone camera to automatic scan and extract personal details from National ID Cards, Passports, Driving Licenses and Visas.

With this automation, Our technology assures that your data is always correct and authentic.

Visitors without Valid IDs can be checked in using the Integrated SMS Check-In Option. This service is available on purchase of SMS Bundles and an optional SMS Gateway account


Tablet App

The tablet app is a Tablet version of Soja App that can be installed on the client’s reception areas.

The app has provision for Kiosk mode that allows for self service/registration with intuitive instructions for visitors. The application may be  be branded with the clients colors and mounted on a premium aluminium tablet stand. An optional label printer can be used to print visitors badges.

Soja on Desktop (Web App)

You can enjoy the full platform feature on your desktop environment. Our Integrated Document Readers enables your security personnel to authenticate government-issued ID’s with airport-grade scanning technology. This set up ideal for busy environments where our mobile applications may not be sufficient or further integration to third party solutions or systems is desired.  A great value for the experience and security required of today’s enterprise.

ID Verification

Identify and prevent holders of Fake ID’s from accessing your facilities!

SOJA is now integrated with Government databases. This allows our customers to verify and validate the identity of their visitors before granting to access their facilities.

The  service available as an add-on solution allows our customers to validate ID’s Passports, Drivers Licenses and Voters ID’s of over 200M people in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

Print Visitors Badges and Slips

Automatically print badges or visitors slips when visitors are checked in
Badges help with onsite security, and they can be customized to meet unique compliance needs.

Smart Passes and Stickers

Fast check in for your Employees and residents.

You can supply your residents or staff special Car Stickers, or cost effective special tags and cards (Smart Passes). The inbuilt QR code scanner on the SOJA app accurately scans the tags to quickly check in your team

This makes control and management of residents a breeze.

Pre-registration and Appointment Management

Schedule Appointments. Self-Check-in. Push Notifications

Use our Soja Resident App and Web platform to view and schedule your appointments, receive push notifications of your visitor’s arrival and self check in to your office by using your SOJA resident app to scan a QR code placed at your reception area.

*This service is available for our corporate and enterprise customers

Mobile Biometrics

Soja App now incorporates mobile biometrics. Leveraging on Industry-leading biometric technology. You can now use the integrated biometric check- in option to check in your residents using their fingerprints.

This product is suitable for clients who require enhance security and assured proof of physical presence.

Mobile Biometrics - Smart Selfie

Your low cost Biometric Identification Solution

Soja Facial Recognition tools leveraging on smart selfie technology adds an additional service to our suite of identification options. This is a perfect solution for customers with remote attendance and Identification requirements.

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