identity management is our forte
SOJA is a great fit for your residential area if you need to IMPROVE your security, PROTECT your loved ones, visitors and assets, enhance your PRODUCTIVITY AND EFFICIENCY around visitor control and meet COMPLIANCE OBLIGATIONS regarding visitor registration.
You also know who is home in case of an EMERGENCY.
Why Soja on Residential Areas

Watches out for you

Electronic Visitors registration acts to Deter Potential Criminals from accessing your facilities. Offline data storage and powerful watch list features helps prevent the bad guys from getting in.

Rich Data and Analytics

Access your Soja Dashboard and historical records to quickly generate reports and analytics from real time data of active visitors and residents. Correlate Visitor Data with CCTV Footage

Improves your Accountability

SOJA enhances your guest handling process. It minimizes the risk for criminal behavior associated with identity fraud and provides improved accountability.

Real Time

Unlike the traditional paper-based visitor books and identity management tools, this ingenious application captures, registers and verifies all data in real time.

Quick and Accurate

First impressions matter. Improve your visitors experience and prevent long queues by speeding up the check-in process while not compromising on the integrity of the process.

Constantly improving

We are constantly improving the Soja platform. New exciting features are added regularly to ensure that you receive maximum benefits as you enhance your visitors and residents management processes.

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Visitors Management

Very Accurate Visitors records with High speed Visitors ID Scanning

Residents Management

Smart Residents Car Stickers and ID's

Incidents Management

Local and Public Watch list and Incidents Reporting

Analytics and Control

Dashboard Access with Real time reports

SMS Notification

Alert your hosts via SMS, Check in Visitors Via SMS

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