Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is my ID being photographed?

We use a mobile application to collect your data from your ID, while the application uses the phone camera, no picture is taken of your ID, your information is only automatically extracted by the application.


What application is that?

The application we use is called Soja. You can get more information about it by visiting its website on


What data is collected from my ID?

The following information is extracted from your ID or passport. Your full name, your ID number, your Age, your gender and your nationality.


Who has access to my information?

Your data does not stay on the phone therefore even the security officer using the application to collect shall not have access to them apart from when recording your exit. Your data is transmitted to a secure server in real time (immediately its collected). Only designated Officers have access to your data


Isn’t it illegal to collect my information without my consent?

No it’s not. The law (Kenya Private Security Regulation Act 13 of 2016, Section 48) allows us to collect your information for identification purposes. Furthermore, what we are doing is not different from the regular visitor book. We only use technology to ensure that the information we collect is secure and of better value.


What is my data used for?

Just like the regular visitors’ book,  we record your information strictly for identification purposes only. It will be used to know who is on site in case of an emergency or if a security incident occurs.


If you need further information, clarification or demonstration, please dont hesitate to contact us