Data Protection

Data Protection Act

The DATA PROTECTION ACT. No. 24 of 2019 (DPA) is the Republic of Kenya data privacy law that has been in force since 25th November 2019.

We are committed to the DPA and supporting our customers in their compliance.
What is DPA?

The Data Protection Act (DPA) gives effect to Articles 31(c) and (d) of the Constitution of Kenya which guarantee the right of every person not to have what is considered private information particularly personally Identifiable information (PII) unnecessarily required or revealed” and the right not to have “the privacy of their communications infringed”.

The DPA establishes the office of a Data Protection Commissioner, which will oversee the implementation and enforcement of the new law. The statute adopts global data protection principles (such as those contained in EU’s GDPR)

How is SOJA aligned with DPA?

Replace your insecure paper log book

Paper books can be opened and browsed by anyone in your office. Businesses are turning to SOJA to ensure their visitor information is kept private.

Manage your information with ease

Soja makes archiving or anonymizing visitor or employee data easy with a range of inbuilt tools.


 Secure data processing

Soja processes data on your behalf and uses sub-processors with strong data protection provisions. We provided our customers with tools necessary to maintain your safety, security and data privacy compliance

Cover your legal requirements

We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive Privacy policies and Terms of Service.

Security questions?

If you'd like to know more about security related matters, please get in touch with our team or visit our FAQ page.