4 Ways SOJA VMS can help your team safely return to work During COVID-19 Pandemic

As several businesses and organizations across the country gear up towards reopening after getting through the worst of COVID-19, we begin to look ahead at an economy post the pandemic where a new set of challenges is set to arise and a new normal awaits. The Government has issued a set of guidelines for resumption of business operations during COVID-19.

The government has directed a screening protocol that requires businesses and facilities to record visitor and employee temperature before entry and a precautionary contact tracing protocol that requires them to introduce and maintain a daily attendance register at receptions with names, ID’s and contact details for all visitors.

Visitor management systems have the ability to enable businesses get back to productivity safely and efficiently. The COVID-19 situation presents you reasons why you should re-approach your visitor management to keep your employees and visitors safe while complying with government guidelines and regulations.

We have developed the features that will help you run your business safely amid this new challenge. Here’s how SOJA Visitor Management Platform can help you manage your visitors and employees in a post COVID-19 world:

1. Get Accurate Records

SOJA facilitates both visitors and employees checking in and checking out using a simple interface. Our mobile and web app have integrated ID scanners for automatic data extraction from IDs. Our system will enable you to capture names, phone numbers and other contact details. Besides, in the admin web view, you will have full information about the exact time of entry and exit as all entries are time stamped correctly.

2. Contactless Sign-In

SOJA Platform is fully contactless. This provides a safe and hygienic, solution for registering your visitors and employees. Besides, SOJA  includes an optional automatic temperature scanning feature that correctly captures temperature readings from Thermal Thermometers. This data can be included as part of a visitor’s record.

3. Secure and easily access your records

The government directive requires offices to introduce and maintain a daily attendance register at receptions with names, ID’s and contact details of all visitors.

SOJA, being a cloud-based application, allows you to safely store all data digitally and indefinitely. This data can be accessed at any time from the admin dashboard to facilitate for contact tracing.

4. Visitor and employee screening

Additional proactive information can be included in the visitor or employee records. such information may include if a visitor or an employee has recently experienced a fever or have traveled to a high risk-area.  You can ensure to ask these questions every time your visitors come to your offices. Custom fields at the check-out can monitor whether the guest had any person-to-person contact during their visit to your office and help you store that information should you want to track risk factors.

We are constantly working with businesses to help them keep their visitors and employees safe. Contact us today to learn how SOJA Visitor management app can help you manage your visitors and employees in your business.

Check out our pricing plans and packages to discover that which suits your business best.

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