SOJA VMS now Integrated with Mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

We are living in a fast-paced world that demands efficiency and data driven solutions. Your security officers go through a lot of hassles registering sometimes hundreds of vehicles in a day. 

In areas where parking is limited to registered drivers, the officer has to confirm if a given vehicle is duly authorized to enter or park at a given zone.  This involves checking the vehicle against an approved roll or confirming by stickers that are rarely secured. Other processes also ensue. These processes are tedious, time consuming and prone to inaccuracies.

At Identigate, we always work on innovations that enhance and simplify your security, visitors and staff management processes.

We have updated and enhanced SOJA Visitors Management App to include Mobile based Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology (ANPR) This means that Driving visitors, staff and residents can be registered much faster and more accurately.  Our users will simply need to scan the Motor Vehicle Plate and assign the vehicle to its driver and passengers. It even gets better and easier for pre registered vehicles (Such as vehicles belonging to staff and residents). The user simply needs to scan the plate of the vehicle to let you in or out. (No more verification of stickers and pre-corona books.

 What is ANPR?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is an intelligent system which has the capability to recognize the character on a vehicle number plate. It is a combination of hardware and software designed to offer the optimum reliability. LPR technology fits any sector where safety and efficiency in license plate recognition is required.

Potential Uses

ANPR has multiple applications such as access control, law enforcement and security, including parking management system, toll gate access, border access, tracking of stolen vehicles and traffic violations (speed trap, illegal parking, etc.).

ANPR Now comes to your favorite App

The advanced deep learning algorithms our app allows the reading and recognition of different license plate formats. Get instant data by simply pointing your device camera on the target vehicle plate.

Our Platform works with and on android smartphone platforms which have limited camera resolution and computational power.  This integration opens up new opportunities in different verticals. This includes

We deliver more value to your existing Visitors and Staff Management Process

Improve your visitors’ experience, simplify the work of your security officers and allow them to do more security related tasks. With our plate recognition platform.

  • High Plate reading accuracy rates of over 99%  for better quality of data
  • Faster and more efficient registration of your driving visitors and residents
  • More value from your data. Access to real time data and analytics- know the exact number of vehicles in your premise at any particular time, average amount of time a vehicle stays in your premise and times of the day to expect high numbers of vehicles.
  • Cheaper alternative to Residents Stickers – (No need to invest in residents stickers)
  • Cheaper alternative to advanced LPR Cameras with expensive installation and integration options
  • Support regulatory initiatives and guidelines such as contact tracing

ALPR is available for our Corporate and enterprise customers. Contact us for more information or an upgrade.

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