How a Visitor Management System Can Improve your Business Security and Safety

Here’s something to think about: just installing a visitor management system can already be a visual deterrent.

A visitor management system is used to electronically record entry and exit of your visitors. Anyone with malicious intent, knowing that their identity can be easily traced will discourage them from trying to enter your premises. These, combined with the key features of a visitor management system, detailed below, can significantly boost your office’s security and safety.


Some information or documents might be required by visitors before they come to site. There is also a need to make visitors aware of site procedures, potential risks and health and safety requirements. This can all be easily managed using an electronic Visitor Management Platform.

Security & Emergencies

One of the major benefits of an electronic Visitor Management Platform is the ability to know who is on site, who is expected and when, what type of visitor they are, who they are visiting, where are they visiting & their identity. All of this information can be made available instantly and is vital information for your security team as well as assisting in the event of any emergency on site.

Instant Notifications

People come and go in offices – that’s a given. Your business is never truly one hundred percent secure if you’re not monitoring your office traffic. This makes a visitor management platform’s ability to deliver instant notifications to alert employees of guests in real-time very useful.

Instant notifications allow you to receive visitor alerts via email or SMS when a guest arrives. So, whether you’re on-site or away from the office, you will know when someone shows up and you can take the appropriate action.

Corporate Image

A Visitor Management Platform will instantly convey a sense of professionalism to all who enter your site, and communicates that you take Health and Safety issues very seriously. This helps to put visitors at ease and build your brand.


Paper-based visitor books do not provide you with an efficient audit trail (such as how many visitors attended site, where and who they visited). While this can be done manually by going back over visitor logs, it can be very time consuming. Simple and quick reporting can be processed using electronic Visitor Management Platforms.

The Bottom Line…

The safety and security of your business premises, your employees and guests should always be a primary consideration for any organization. Implementing the right tools could be your first step in the right direction. We’re serious about business security. Feel free to contact us for a demo and a firsthand look at what SOJA Visitor Management System can do for you.


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