Attendance Tracking Solution for Catering Staff

The Client

Spez is a Nairobi Based Catering Company that specializes in creating fusion cuisine using a combination of classic and modern dishes from all around the world.

The Challenge

The nature of Spez business necessitates the need to hire part time workers (Cooks, Catering staff, etc.) Attendance tracking for these workers is mainly done on paper or in MS Excel. This brought several challenges that spez had to face:

  • Inability to monitor in real-time if workers are present
  • Cheating and absence fraud by workers
  • Huge administrative effort to process paper attendance
  • Late payroll
  • Unhappy customers

Impressed by the ease and speed of SOJA Visitors Management System, Spez requested Identigate to provide a custom cost effective solution to manage and account for time and attendance of part time workers assigned to its multiple client engagements

The goal was to introduce a high-tech but low-cost solution that would save administrative costs, provide real-time attendance views, eliminate mistakes, and that would reduce costs and eliminate potential fraud on the side of both end customers and workers working for their clients. In short: there was an S.O.S. call for something affordable, mobile, and real-time.

The Solution

Spez needed an Android device that would be issued to field supervisors and could communicate with the server through Internet, to enable for real-time attendance taking and notifications. SOJA platform was a perfect fit. The whole process remains simple:

  • Each event is assigned to a field supervisor
  • The field supervisor is issued with an android device he would use to check in and out staff
  • Each event has defined date, time and GPS Location
  • Worker can only be check in to an event at a time.
  • A worker has to be physically present at the set event location for a check in to be successful
  • Reports are immediately available for payroll


  • Implementation brought immediate results – exactly what the client was promised:
  • Incredible efficiency with the live attendance data
  • Immense cut of the time-to-bill
  • Cost-saving and increase credibility of clients’ services
  • Flexibility to modify Soja modules meeting evolving client’s needs