Innovate your Welcome

Streamline and automate visitor registration using our fast and efficient check-in apps with ID Scan. Create positive and lasting impressions for your guests.

Our Mobile and web app have integrated ID Scanners for automatic data extraction from ID's or Passports, QR Code Scan and Facial Recognition. Soja Apps makes the whole process efficient and every visit count.

The Only Cloud VMS with ID Verification

Soja Assisted-Check-In (ACI) enables security personnel to authenticate government-issued ID with airport-grade scanning technology. Pair ACI with our Mobile -based automatic document data collection and verification for the experience and security required of today’s enterprise.

Smart Visitor Registration App

Use the fast SOJA Visitor and Residents Registration and check in App to it to check in your visitors and residents in seconds!
  • Check in you visitors in 20 seconds or less
    Soja Makes your visitors and residents check-in a fast, simple, efficient and memorable experience. Cut down and eliminate queues and delays at your reception desk
  • Collect,verify and securely store your data in real time.
    Unlike the traditional paper-based visitor books and identity management tools, your data is uploaded in real time to your secure server as soon a visitor is checked in.
  • High speed on-device OCR.
    Worried of Covid-19? Soja Has you covered. Our apps are loaded with automatic document scanning technology that extracts relevant details from National ID Cards, Passports, Driving Licenses and Visas. We assure zero contact and that data collected is correct and authentic.
  • Handling Invited Guests?
    Visitors can other prebook their appointments or have your hosts or residents book them in advance. Guest details are available to the security officer or receptionist upon confirmation. Host gets notified immediately the visitor arrives.
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Our Great Offers

Soja comes in flexible and cost effective packages to suit your specific needs

Soja Basic

Unlimited visitors and hosts
Single Site
Up to 3 Devices
SMS Check in & Guest Arrival Notification
Outstanding Support
Residents Management

Best Value

Soja Corporate

All Soja Basic Features+
Multiple Sites
Unlimited Devices
Local & Public Watchlists
24/7 Customer Support
Free End user App
Visitors Preregistration and Appointments

Soja Enterprise

All Soja Enterprise Features+
Biometric Check-in*
Check in with Automatic Document Readers
Separate data instance/On Premise Installation
Custom integration

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